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Managing in Government Without Hindrances

Governor Chris Christie stated in a recent article in the Trenton Times that collective bargaining and civil service systems are an anachronism from the past that no longer works in the new economic paradigm, and in particular, today’s government. Being objective, and having managed an independent utility authority without either system and having served as … Continue reading

Managing Growth Pressures Requires Foresight and Flexibility

Discussing growth pressures in this fiscal environment is not what you’d expect.  However, some areas of the country are seeing some degree of growth and the opportunity to get prepared, may be a reminder, but it is for everyone.  Growth does not need to be funded fully by the community at large.  By planning ahead, the … Continue reading

Consolidation Has a Sensitive Side

In a previous blog on “Consolidation is the Next New Thing”, the focus was on the service side of government that represents 90 percent or so of the economic burden for taxpayers.  The remaining 10 percent is the “sensitive side”, refering to the emotional or curb-side appeal towards the image of your community, your neighborhood, your street, your downtown.  These would include the Planning and … Continue reading

Consolidation is the Next New Thing

When does understanding that economies of scale with less management overseeing broader service coverage that frees up funds to allow for greater investment in more efficient services, not demonstrate that its all about doing government better? The majority of government services should operate in a for-profit business manner under the guise of a not-for-profit organization. The time associated with the work performed in these … Continue reading

Are Public Organizations Changing Quickly Enough?

“The lost decade” which has been used in a number of news media sources, generally refers to the investment community of stocks, bonds and real estate.  This has led to pressure on local resources that have also suffered significantly due to lost real property values that is the basis of property tax income and the … Continue reading

Just Found a New Free Meeting Service

Being a new business venture trying to get organized, I was googling a web sharing resource and ran across “Anymeeting.com”.  This is fortuitous.  New ventures are trying to control costs as much as possible and when I found this very good free web sharing address, I was both surprised and satisfied.  It has all the … Continue reading

Capital Prioritization is a great way to start an Asset Management Program

Many organizations looking to become better at managing their capital infrastructure assets that also offers a chance to integrate new efficiency and cost saving measures into the way the organization conducts business, can be difficult to communicate, start and visualize.  Capital prioritization allows decisions on where to invest limited financial resources in assets or infrastructure projects which … Continue reading

Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore