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Leadership is Coming of Age

There is more and more material being posted on professional sites that speak to the growing need for a change in the type and style of leadership in public organizations.  The top down approach to management where they talk and the lower echelons listen is an anachronism of the past.  The language being played out in  blogs and articles now discuss shared leadership, team player, delegation of authority, organization-wide conversations, taking staff to lunch to learn their aspirations and motivations, listening to staff ideas and opinions, admitting to mistakes, and saying thank you for work well done.  The goal is to build an organization that is fully engaged for the new social media, cost containment, new technology and being connected, redefinition of roles and job assignments, being flexible to buttress where support is needed, and encouraging some risk taking where mistakes are used to learn and improve.  All this is new to the public arena but not necessarily new in many private business operations.  Engagement through buy in, ownership of a shared vision, being able to state the organizations mission statement, opening the door to cutting edge services, and branding your organization’s logo that speaks to the core tenets shared by all.  This is the developing mantra for today’s progressive public organization.  Council’s are wary of the movement and new leaders looking to step forward into a management role will have to know how to communicate this message and build the kind of trust and inspiration that speaks to the new public organization we need.  Business as usual is diminishing with time and as the baby boomer generation moves on to retirement.  This current economy is forcing change and government systems must change with it.


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Bill is an experienced infrastructure investment, organizational management and risk assessment expert, He has 30 plus years experience working in the public and private sectors in finance, utility management, town management and management consulting.


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Bill Gilmore

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