Bill is an experienced infrastructure investment, organizational management and risk assessment expert, He has 30 plus years experience working in the public and private sectors in finance, utility management, town management and management consulting.
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Value of a Consultant to Your Organization

Seeing the forest through the trees or the inefficiencies in a complex organization can be challenging to any leader/manager that works within the belly of the beast.  Yet the idea that managers, bad to good, would consider having someone from outside looking over their shoulder when they know they know more about their business than … Continue reading

Leadership is Coming of Age

There is more and more material being posted on professional sites that speak to the growing need for a change in the type and style of leadership in public organizations.  The top down approach to management where they talk and the lower echelons listen is an anachronism of the past.  The language being played out … Continue reading

Right Sizing a Committee

Anyone in the professional game, public or private, has had an experience participating on a committee that can be remembered as a positive experience and successful versus a dysfunctional, drawn out and in a sense less satisfying but a successful outcome.  In speaking with several senior managers of private business and local government with strong … Continue reading

Leadership Will Always Be The Key Ingredient to Organizational Success

No matter what type of organization you are engaged with, private, public, utility, non-profit and so on, leaders will be the defining element in why a non-profit or for-profit is successful or not.  I regularly participate on Linked-in blogs on topics that speak to utility management, subject matter experts, infrastructure asset management, change management, organizational … Continue reading

More Reasons For Pushing Consolidation as a Requirement For Attaining Sustainability

In a recent front page article in the Trenton Times (“Property Taxes Rise, But Slowly” Jan 8, 2012), Governor Christie was indicating that he is not yet satisfied with just attaining a 2.4 percent hike in taxes this past year,  “but we’re making progress.”  This is a remarkable achievement for New Jersey and the pains … Continue reading

Utility Management Conference Focuses on Building Business Leadership

The recent AWWA/WEF Joint Utility Management Conference held in Miami, FL, spoke to the importance of developing and supporting the leadership team of public and independent utility agencies.  Ed Ruggero, Leadership Academy, was the keynote speaker and provided a very real comparison of leadership in battle during WWII to the leadership capabilities of utility managers … Continue reading

A Compelling Read For Public Managers

I found an article by Bob O’Neil, Executive Director of the International City/County Management Association, to be a window to a new era for management and spoke directly to my own understanding of how much government management needs to change.  He wrote an article back in September of 2011 on “A New Model For Management” … Continue reading

All Options Are Needed to Save Money in Government

Fiscal resources are in a downward spiral and local, county and state governments are being pressed to decide the best course of action to manage within a tight budget constraint.  A recent article in a New Jersey paper entitled “Panel:  Budget Woes Make Future Grim” (Courier News, Monday, Dec. 12, 2011) ended with a comment … Continue reading

Managing in Government Without Hindrances, Part Two

The previous blog on this subject discussed ways to reduce the value of collective bargaining.  I’d like to focus on the second part of Governor Chris Christie’s comments presented in the same recent Trenton Times article involving civil service rules.  The Civil Service system was established as a protection from political intrusion and to assure … Continue reading

Managing in Government Without Hindrances

Governor Chris Christie stated in a recent article in the Trenton Times that collective bargaining and civil service systems are an anachronism from the past that no longer works in the new economic paradigm, and in particular, today’s government. Being objective, and having managed an independent utility authority without either system and having served as … Continue reading

Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore