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More Reasons For Pushing Consolidation as a Requirement For Attaining Sustainability

In a recent front page article in the Trenton Times (“Property Taxes Rise, But Slowly” Jan 8, 2012), Governor Christie was indicating that he is not yet satisfied with just attaining a 2.4 percent hike in taxes this past year,  “but we’re making progress.”  This is a remarkable achievement for New Jersey and the pains … Continue reading

All Options Are Needed to Save Money in Government

Fiscal resources are in a downward spiral and local, county and state governments are being pressed to decide the best course of action to manage within a tight budget constraint.  A recent article in a New Jersey paper entitled “Panel:  Budget Woes Make Future Grim” (Courier News, Monday, Dec. 12, 2011) ended with a comment … Continue reading

Consolidation Has a Sensitive Side

In a previous blog on “Consolidation is the Next New Thing”, the focus was on the service side of government that represents 90 percent or so of the economic burden for taxpayers.  The remaining 10 percent is the “sensitive side”, refering to the emotional or curb-side appeal towards the image of your community, your neighborhood, your street, your downtown.  These would include the Planning and … Continue reading

Consolidation is the Next New Thing

When does understanding that economies of scale with less management overseeing broader service coverage that frees up funds to allow for greater investment in more efficient services, not demonstrate that its all about doing government better? The majority of government services should operate in a for-profit business manner under the guise of a not-for-profit organization. The time associated with the work performed in these … Continue reading

Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore