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Value of a Consultant to Your Organization

Seeing the forest through the trees or the inefficiencies in a complex organization can be challenging to any leader/manager that works within the belly of the beast.  Yet the idea that managers, bad to good, would consider having someone from outside looking over their shoulder when they know they know more about their business than … Continue reading

Managing Growth Pressures Requires Foresight and Flexibility

Discussing growth pressures in this fiscal environment is not what you’d expect.  However, some areas of the country are seeing some degree of growth and the opportunity to get prepared, may be a reminder, but it is for everyone.  Growth does not need to be funded fully by the community at large.  By planning ahead, the … Continue reading

Are Public Organizations Changing Quickly Enough?

“The lost decade” which has been used in a number of news media sources, generally refers to the investment community of stocks, bonds and real estate.  This has led to pressure on local resources that have also suffered significantly due to lost real property values that is the basis of property tax income and the … Continue reading

Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore