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A Compelling Read For Public Managers

I found an article by Bob O’Neil, Executive Director of the International City/County Management Association, to be a window to a new era for management and spoke directly to my own understanding of how much government management needs to change.  He wrote an article back in September of 2011 on “A New Model For Management” … Continue reading

Consolidation is the Next New Thing

When does understanding that economies of scale with less management overseeing broader service coverage that frees up funds to allow for greater investment in more efficient services, not demonstrate that its all about doing government better? The majority of government services should operate in a for-profit business manner under the guise of a not-for-profit organization. The time associated with the work performed in these … Continue reading

Just Found a New Free Meeting Service

Being a new business venture trying to get organized, I was googling a web sharing resource and ran across “Anymeeting.com”.  This is fortuitous.  New ventures are trying to control costs as much as possible and when I found this very good free web sharing address, I was both surprised and satisfied.  It has all the … Continue reading

Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore