Executive and Management Advisory Support Services Managers new to an organization, new to the role, coming from a different department into a senior management position may need coaching and guidance to discuss realistic opportunities to introduce “your” brand of leadership.  Confidence in building a ‘right thinking’ management team is the first priority.  WB Gilmore LLC has the experience to guide development of your brand of management.  The following describes the range of experience we offer.
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Organizational Assessment  Operational Audit Support – Just as private business changes their service delivery systems to streamline operations and improve profitability, so do governmental institutions need to embrace the idea of retooling their operations to be as profitable and the least cost solution.  Objective organizational assessments can offer management insight and ideas to address problems that may be too close for them to see.  WB Gilmore brings experience that can benefit your organization and includes the following. Read More…

Financial Review Services  Budget development and financial management are at the core of any successful organization.  Preparing a sustainable budget that is transparent, provides a clear statement of priorities, highlights performance against realistic goals, and adequately invests in capital infrastructure is an art and many organizations are successful at it.  A new set of eyes can offer insights into your planning strategy that may not be visible from close in.  The following provides a sense of the comprehensive financial review WB Gilmore, LLC can offer.  Read More…

Corporate Strategies  – The utility board, municipal council, utility director and manager’s office develop policy, set long-term plans for the organization, define the mission and key goals, and are the point of contact with the public.  Managing the message is critical to maintaining confidence in leadership and to gain support for difficult decisions. Objective third party reviews offer opportunities to understand what may or may not be working to your expectation.  WB Gilmore LLC brings the following skills to each engagement.Read More

Prioritization and Risk Management of Capital programs  Sustainable infrastructure is a strategic initiative for any utility or governmental entity.  Categorizing the level of risk an organization is responsible to maintain, repair and rehabilitate is one piece of stewardship required of any business concern.  Prioritizing the criticality of key assets and monitoring their condition over time is both effective utility/governmental management as well as competitive financially.  Below are skill areas we bring to each engagement.
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